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Carbon capture and Storage
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CCS Carbon Capture - Industrial Chimneys 
Carbon Capture Club

The Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Club is supported by the UK Government's National Measurement System (NMS) and managed by NEL on their behalf. Club members are invited to attend technical club meetings and access the CCS Carbon Capture website.
Next Meeting: To Be Announced In Due Course

If you would like to present at a forthcoming CCS Club meeting, please contact Events.

NEL has initiated a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to address the knowledge gaps associated with CCS measurement and monitoring across the CCS chain.  As well as developing equations of state and phase diagrams for CO2 mixtures, the JIP will also evaluate technologies for use in flow metering and composition measurement.  For further information on please contact us.

You can also find out more about CO2 Capture & Storage at ZEP (Zero emissions platform)

Chimney stacks. CCS Carbon Capture.

CCS Club Meetings

Meetings are held regularly and serve as the main networking forum, allowing members the opportunity to:

  • Meet with key players from throughout industry

  • Listen to or deliver technical presentations

  • Discuss key issues and challenges

  • Exchange information and experiences

  • Network with like-minded individuals

To learn more about the next meeting please visit our Forthcoming Meetings page.

Pipes. CCS Carbon Capture

Technical Focus Areas

Technical focus areas centre on concepts which would help support the regulatory reporting framework and technology development across the CCS chain.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Technology development  for capture, transportation, injection, storage, detection and measurement

  • Monitoring and reporting methodologies

  • Measurement activities

  • Potential technical barriers

  • Implementation of CCS

  • Legislation

Marine Renewable Energy

Aims and Objectives

Provide a networking forum for technology based CCS Carbon Capture discussion

  • Help industry meet CCS regulatory monitoring and reporting requirements

  • Provide information on the technological and legislative developments

  • Provide continuity in interpretation of legislation and information

  • Identify, discuss and highlight potential future opportunities and challenges

  • Identify and develop potential research projects

  • Support the development of the CCS supply chain 

You can view our most recent article on CCS Carbon Capture "Carbon Capture and Storage - Pushing the measurement envelope"

Please contact us for further information on CCS Carbon Capture.

NEL: CCS Carbon Capture