National Measurement System
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National Measurement System

The National Measurement System (NMS) provides the UK with an infrastructure of laboratories that deliver world-class measurement science and technology and provide traceable and increasingly accurate standards of measurement.

The UK, along with all developed countries, invests in an infrastructure that allows measurements to be made with integrity and consistency by holding and maintaining internationally-recognised measurement standards and practices.

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Other useful documents, including conference papers from past events, can be found in the library.

The NMS is delivered through the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The science programmes are delivered by the UK’s Measurement Institutes:

These 6 organisations form the UK Measurement Infrastructure, a basis for communication with a wider metrology network, forming a measurement community.

Measurement has an important role in improving export and trade, increasing productivity, giving confidence to new technology and innovation, and providing solutions to societal challenges. The world leading impact of the UK Measurement Infrastructure gives confidence on an international level to the UK’s science and technology capabilities.