Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Energy Institute standards update helps disseminate good practice to industry

A recently completed project to update two Energy Institute (EI) standards will help the organisation to disseminate good practice to industry. Although not part of the Flow Programme, delivering this work dovetails well with NEL’s remit as part of the government’s National Measurement System.

“The project involved desk research and production of drafts,” says Principal Consultant, Dr Michael Reader-Harris, who undertook the research. “I got good, constructive feedback from the industry representatives to whom the drafts were sent for comment. This showed a good level of interest in the areas that the standards cover. The comments themselves served to strengthen the upgrade work, ensuring that the revised standards reflect the realities that companies face.”

The first of the two reviewed standards is designated HM 34. It deals with the data required for a comprehensive evaluation of a liquid flow meter. The second, HM 45, deals with the statistical control of measuring instruments using control charts.

The HM 34 guidance comprises a series of questions that a manufacturer should answer (and a purchaser ask) to ensure that an informed decision can be made about meter choice. The questions cover aspects such as a meter’s flowrate range, pressure and temperature ranges, output and installation requirements.

“The updates on HM 34 encompassed the various changes that have taken place in metering technology since the standard was last updated, 15 years ago,” Michael explains. “These were particularly important in areas such as electronic outputs.”

HM 45 deals with situations in which a device such as a prover is used on a regular basis to calibrate a meter and the resulting data used to populate a control chart. “The key element of this update was incorporating material about statistical control from an earlier EI document,” explains Michael. “We created new annexes to HM 45 to make all relevant information easy to access.”

The Energy Institute (EI) is the professional body for the energy industry, developing and sharing knowledge, skills and good practice towards a safe, secure and sustainable energy system.

For more information, contact Michael Reader Harris.


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