Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Industry webinar provides introduction to produced water waste issues

A recent webinar on produced water attracted significant interest from industry professionals from around the world. It provided a detailed introduction to the issue, which makes up the largest waste stream in the oil and gas sector.

“Produced water is a key challenge,” says Environmental Consultant, Dr. Ming Yang, who ran the webinar. “Worldwide for every barrel of oil produced, on average there are roughly four barrels of water co-produced. How produced water is managed directly impacts oil production and also the ultimate total oil recovery from a field.”

Over sixty people took part in the webinar event in May, which attracted participants from a wide range of regions, including the EU, Africa, the Middle East and North and South America. Participants represented a variety of companies and organisations, including oil and gas operators, service companies and technology providers.

Delegates got a good understanding of produced water and related regulatory requirements, management options, treatment technologies as well as commonly available reference and field measurement methods.

Participants were encouraged to ask questions and a range of topics were discussed. Questions were asked about the risk-based approach to the management of produced water that is being implemented in North Sea fields and whether this would be extended to other regions. Further questions were also raised about the costs and benefits of the subsea separation of produced water.

The success of the webinar reflects recent increase in interest in NEL's Produced Water Club. This is a leading forum for discussing oil and gas water production management and measurement issues. The club’s next meeting and workshop takes place 12-14 June in Aberdeen.

For more details, contact Dr. Ming Yang.


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