Tuesday, February 27, 2018

NEL partners the Analysis for Innovators (A4I) Programme for a second year running

NEL is continuing its partnership with the Innovators (A4I) Programme. This national initiative offers support for companies that want to solve a difficult analysis or measurement problem that they have been unable to solve using standard available technologies.

“NEL is pleased to be participating in Round Two of the Analysis for Innovators Programme,” says Project Manager, David Learmonth. “During February and March there are a number of roadshows taking place around the UK to promote the scheme. We were at the Glasgow event last month and spoke to potential participants. We look forward to working with this year’s successful applicants.”

In the first round of the A4I programme, which took place in 2017, NEL provided support to Gold Standard Phantoms (GSP). GSP is developing a ground-breaking device designed to help doctors assess the health of many of the body’s major organs. NEL’s work on this project is on-going and will facilitate the development of the system and its certification as an important new medical device.

Any size of business, with any type of measurement or analysis problem, can apply to the A4I programme, which has a competitive entry process. Innovate UK, the organisation running the scheme, expect the programme to appeal to manufacturing companies, especially those involved in complex supply chains, but applicants can be from any sector.

The approach for this year’s programme has been revised from that used in 2017. This year, it will be run as a two-stage scheme. At the first stage, applicants will not be required to describe the project they want to undertake, instead they will need to describe the problem they face.

NEL is one of four partners in the scheme. The others are The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and the National Measurement Laboratory (NML) at LGC.  Alongside NEL, they will be making their expertise available through initial free brokered technical consultancy sessions and then through support to allow industry access to their unique facilities and expertise (in optional follow-on R&D projects).

The Roadshow events to launch this year’s scheme are taking place around the UK at present. They will explain the programme and how it differs from other funding competitions. The A4I Programme itself will open in March 2018.

 More details of the roadshows can be found here: analysis-for-innovators-a4i-programme-2018-roadshow or contact David Learmonth for more information.


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