Thursday, March 01, 2018

PhD at Glasgow Caledonian University highlights benefits of NEL support

An innovative piece of research that aims to improve the accuracy of Venturi tubes is showing the benefits of NEL’s programme of supporting academic research at UK Universities. The research, which is taking place at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), under an external PhD sponsorship, is investigating various aspects of wet-gas flow using an experimental test rig and computer modelling.

“If you are an academic doing research on flow measurement it is almost essential to have support from NEL,” says Gabriele Chinello, the researcher undertaking the project. “NEL’s support has helped to progress my work and it has been invaluable to be able to speak to world experts on wet-gas flow.”

Within his PhD project, Gabriele is investigating the impact of installation effects on Venturi tubes.  He is also assessing the impact of the presence of a third component in a wet-gas flow. The research, which is due to be complete at the end of 2018, was inspired by work done at NEL on ISO/TR 11583, the standard that describes the measurement of wet gas with differential pressure meters.

Gabriele’s work should help improve the accuracy of Venturi tubes, a robust flow measurement technology used in many industrial and scientific applications.

“On the practical side, I have received many useful suggestions from NEL on how to develop and improve the design of my research rig,” Gabriele says. “A lot of the equipment I am using has been calibrated at NEL.  This has allowed full traceability of my results and underpins the reliability of my findings.”

“The use of computer modelling is, perhaps, the most innovative and interesting part of the project,” Gabriele explains. “I aim to develop a model to predict the over-reading of Venturi tubes in wet-gas flows. The equations used in the ISO standard are derived from experimental work and this means that their use is constrained. Computer modelling gives the potential to look at a wider set of conditions and fluids.

NEL’s support of Gabriele’s research is just one of many ways in which the lab supports high-level academic research. For example, ten researchers are being supported through an on-going EngD collaboration between Coventry University and NEL. While Gabriele’s work is one of four external PhD sponsorships. These are taking place at Edinburgh University, GCU and Coventry University.

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