Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Registration open for 2017 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop

The 35th North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop 2017 is due to take place in Tønsberg in Norway, this October. The main focus of this globally important conference is the practical application of flow measurement technology.

“For the last 35 years this workshop has been a very important event for people in the industry,” says Anne Farr, who is part of the Flow Measurement Institute. “It is a great place to network, explore career opportunities, learn about the latest technology developments and share experiences and expertise.”

Organised by Tekna, the workshop attracts delegates from all around the world who are interested in accurate flow measurement. Participants include oil and gas operators, regulators, engineering contractors, service companies, manufacturers and research institutions.

The four-day event includes presentations and discussions on the latest metering technology. Around 30 exhibitors will also be showcasing their newest technology. The 2017 program addresses key issues and drivers, such as the new economic realities that industry is facing, the challenge of reducing cost, uncertainty and environmental pressures.

Flow Measurement Consultant Craig Marshall, is just one of a number of NEL experts who will be attending and presenting at the event. He is part of the workshop’s technical committee and will be chairing a session on gas flow.

“Accurate gas flow measurement is vitally important for the trading of sales quality gas throughout Europe,” says Craig. “The session I am chairing will focus on some commonly used technologies as well as recent changes to standards.”

Other NEL participants include, Bruno Pinguet, who will be giving a lecture on the use of multiphase flow meters and Emmelyn Graham, who will be discussing installation effects on venturi tubes in wet-gas flow conditions and Terri Leonard who is presenting research about multiphase flow pattern prediction methods.

Workshop sessions will cover issues such as multiphase flow, oil quality, oil flow, virtual flow metering, wet gas, gas quality, allocation and quality control and gas flow. Poster sessions will highlight issues such as fiscal metering, multiphase flow and wet gas meters.

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