Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The impact of shale production and digital technology highlighted at OTC 2017

In May, offshore energy industry experts and leaders from around the world gathered in Houston, Texas for the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2017.  NEL exhibited at the conference as part of the Scottish Pavilion, highlighting the technological and research expertise that the country offers.

Two key issues for policy makers were highlighted at the conference: the impact of US Shale production and the role that digital technology is playing to help the industry cope with the challenges that this brings.

“Over the last five years the entire business has been changing as a result of the revolution that has taken place in shale,” says Senior Consultant, Dr Bruno Pinguet, who led NEL’s team at the conference. “Projections show that the USA will be energy independent by 2021. This is a significant turn-around from recent years.”

Bruno notes that the immediate consequence of these developments has been a reduction in the workforce of oil companies and services companies.

“To keep the production price low, companies have found it necessary to have fewer people at the well site,” he says. “This makes it ever more important that the right information and data gets to the right decision makers and, as the conference showed, it is here that digital solutions, including remote monitoring and calibration, are coming into their own. This is happening at all levels from the drilling process to production monitoring and is helping companies to optimise their operating and production costs.”

For more information, contact Dr Bruno Pinguet.


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