£16m Investment in New World Class Multiphase Centre of Excellence

Unique new Centre of Excellence to cement NEL's position as a global leader in multiphase flow measurement


A new £16 million Centre of Excellence (“CoE”) for subsea development, which will be unrivalled anywhere else in the world, is to be established in Scotland, reinforcing NEL's position as the leader in multiphase flow measurement.

Led by NEL, a leading provider of research and development, consultancy and testing to the international oil & gas industry, this investment will provide Scotland with a unique global capability, build on its position as a leader in subsea engineering and oil & gas innovation and make a significant contribution to growth ambitions of companies operating within the oil & gas sector.

Designed to provide a new, best- in- class, high pressure multiphase flow test facility, with a test range beyond anything currently available anywhere else in the world, the “CoE” will enable NEL to provide world leading fluid flow technical services to the global oil & gas production market over the next 25 years.

The centre will provide opportunities for company-led industrial projects, development work with SMEs, hands-on training for the industry and academic research.

Focussed predominantly on the £50 billion per annum global subsea sector, the “CoE” will also offer potential benefits to companies in other sectors such as nuclear power, food and drink, aerospace and renewable energy.  Read the full press release.

For more information please contact us.  For more on NEL's existing multiphase capabilities, see Multiphase Flow Measurement.