Building of new Centre of Excellence for Subsea Development underway

The building of the £16million Centre of Excellence (CoE) for subsea development is underway. The new high pressure multiphase flow test facility will have the largest test range in the world, positioning Scotland as a world leader in multiphase flow measurement.

Construction began in September 2017 and the base building is anticipated to be completed by April. The extensive fit-out needed to complete the facility will then commence.

Designed to provide a new, best-in-class, high-pressure multiphase flow test facility, with a test range beyond anything currently available anywhere else in the world, the CoE is focussed predominantly on the £50-billion-per-annum global subsea sector. It will facilitate company-led industrial projects and product development, hands-on industry training and academic research. The centre will futureproof the delivery of innovative technical services to the oil and gas production market for the next 25 years.

About the Facility:

• 150 bar pressure - doubling current existing capability

• Highest facility multiphase flow rates in the world

• Matching oil fluid properties to field conditions

• Full 3-phase wet gas flows

• Testing of sampling systems, valves, flow meters and other instrumentation

TÜV SÜD AG is investing £11.1 million in the project, which is the largest capital investment to date in the company’s UK business. This is being provided alongside £4.9 million of research and development funding from Scottish Enterprise.

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