Environmental Compliance NEL - Environmental Compliance

The past two decades have seen enormous change in environmental compliance obligations of many industries. Understanding environmental risk assessment responsibilities can be a minefield:

How do you ensure that your products comply with environmental requirements?

At NEL, our technical expertise, product independence, and understanding of legislation and standards enables us to provide you with unbiased assessments of the impact of proposed regulations and arm you with the technical solutions required to meet them. We are also proud of our achievements of working with governments to draft and then enact environmental legislation.

How can you create cleaner, more efficient ways of manufacturing and processing?

NEL undertakes engineering research, development and testing across key areas in the energy & environmental sector, complying with industry standards & best practice.

  • Produced Water Management
  • Gas Flaring
  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Unconventional Gas
  • Wind Energy
  • Environmental measurement
  • Environmental monitoring

Added Value

Whether it’s prototype development, testing, impact studies or measurement challenges, our professional engineers and extensive test facilities are here to help you.

Ask how NEL can help you with environmental compliance obligations.