Flare Gas

According to the latest estimates, about 150 billion cubic meters (or 5.3 trillion cubic feet) of natural gas is flared or vented every year - the equivalent of about 30 per cent of the European Union’s annual gas consumption.

NEL - Gas Flaring and Venting

Apart from being a major waste of a valuable energy resource, gas flaring and venting also emits greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants and particulates into the atmosphere.  In response to this, governments around the world are taking action to reduce levels of flare gas and vent gas, with the most prominent legislation existing within the EU, Norway, Canada and the US.

Read about NEL's work with Mexico’s hydrocarbon regulatory body to help develop an oversight process to monitor adherence to regulations.

The integrity of flare gas and vent gas data is crucial if reductions are to be genuine and transparent. This is reflected in the measurement and reporting guidelines introduced in support of legislation and burgeoning emissions reduction schemes being introduced worldwide.

Experience and Expertise:

NEL has over 60 years’ experience in flow metering and metrology solutions and leads the way in innovation and research on flow measurement technology through its many government and commercially- funded projects and Joint Industry Projects (JIPs).

Services Provided:

  • Expert flare metering advice, market surveys and due diligence
  • CFD Simulation of flare systems and metering installations
  • Uncertainty analyses of measurement systems
  • Dispersion Modelling
  • Site audits and third-party witness testing
  • Drafting of Regulations and Best Practice Guidance

Key Studies for Industry

  • HM58 - Guidelines for the determination of flare quantities from upstream oil and gas facilities.  Best practice Guidance Document written for Energy Institute, Aberdeen.
  • A Review of Flare and Vent Gas Emissions Monitoring and Reporting Methods – an overview of the methods used by industry.  A major study reviewing the state-of-the-art for flare gas metering technologies for the UK National Measurement Office (NMO).
  • Calculation of the Uncertainty in the CO2 Emission Factor in Flare Lines with Nitrogen Injection.  A review of measurement and data collection/reduction methods and uncertainty analysis undertaken for a major oil and gas Operator in Norway.

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