Produced Water

Issues and Challenges

Produced water is a by-product of oil and gas production. For every barrel of oil produced, some four barrels of water are currently generated. Water production is on the increase, accompanied by ever more stringent regulations imposed by authorities; without effective produced water treatment and management, and oil-in-water measurement in place, economic oil production in an environmentally-sustainable manner would not be possible.

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NEL’s Services:

To address these challenges, NEL offers a number of key services.

Consultancy Services:

  • Technology selection
  • Assessment & appraisal
  • Produced water treatment system reviews
  • Market studies
  • Due diligence
  • Witness testing
  • Best practice guidance

Testing Services:

  • Performance evaluation of oil-in-water monitors and measurement equipment.
  • Performance evaluation of separation and produced water treatment equipment.
  • Product development

Research and Development:

NEL also manages Research and Development projects which tackle issues of common interest to government bodies, operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers.

In recent years NEL has spearheaded research into the following topics:

  • Produced Water Issues Associated with Heavy Oil Production
  • Treatment of Produced Water Derived from Polymer and/or ASP Flooding
  • Degradation of Oil-in-Water by Ultrasonic Irradiation
  • Separation Interface Level Measurement and Profiling in Oil and Gas Production
  • Water Quality Measurement Related to Subsea Raw Sea Water Treatment and Injection
  • Subsea Separation and Produced Water Re-Injection or Discharges

A  new Joint Industry Project has been initiated on the development of subsea water quality measurement devices up to TRL5 (Technology Readiness Level).  If you are an operator or subsea separation system provider and would like the opportunity of participating in this project, please contact us for further details.

Knowledge Services:

So how can you keep up to date with legislative and technology developments associated with produced water treatment, handling and management?

NEL’s Produced Water Club is a network for discussing oil & gas water production management and measurement.

NEL regularly organise events and conferences on Produced Water and Oil-in-Water Measurement. Click here for details of forthcoming events.