Unconventional Gas

Water Issues

Unconventional gas, in particular shale gas, is playing an increasingly important role in the worldwide energy supply market.  One of the major challenges associated with the exploration and production of unconventional gas is how operators manage significant volumes of flowback water and produced water.

There are a number of water management options which may include:

  • Treatment and re-use
  • Treatment and discharge
  • Treatment and then disposal via injection

To help meet the challenges of exploration and production of unconventional gas, NEL provides assistance and support on the following:

  • Regulatory requirements & compliance
  • Best practice guidance
  • Water and waste water management options
  • Selection of flowback treatment technologies
  • Joint Industry Projects on problems and issues that are of common interests to stake holders

Current & Future Research

Supported by the UK’s National Measurement System, NEL has recently completed a review study “Waste water metrology challenges related to unconventional gas production in the UK.  Read our report - Waste water metrology challenges.

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