Multiphase & Wet Gas

NEL £16m investment in Multiphase Centre of Excellence

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Multiphase Flow Measurement

NEL developed the first ever multiphase test and calibration facility.

Our capability and expertise has led the way in research and development in multiphase flow measurement for over 20 years, supporting the development of marginal assets and more efficient exploitation of larger fields.

98 per cent of the multiphase metering technologies in use around the world today have been tested here.

Our Multiphase Flow Measurement facilities are independent and designed to simulate full three-phase flows encountered in the oil and gas production industry.

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Wet Gas Flow Measurement

Applications of wet-gas metering have increased in recent years, NEL is playing a leading role in advancing global knowledge on complex wet gas measurement, helping industry to develop methods and technology to produce natural gas from marginal reserves in remote and inhospitable environments.

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