Meter Selection

We can advise you on the most suitable metering technology available for different applications, giving you confidence in flowmeter selection.

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Understanding the measurement technology is crucial in determining which type of meter technology would be the most suitable and cost-effective option.  In addition, flow condition can change over time, which can affect the measurements and their uncertainty during the lifetime of the well.

The choice of metering technologies can vary from using cheap and simple single-phase meters to multi-million pound commercial multiphase meters for subsea applications.

Multiphase meters combine several different measurement technologies to obtain information on the water, gas and oil phases, for example:

  • Venturi meter with dual energy gamma adsorption measurements
  • cross correlation techniques
  • conductance and capacitance measurement
  • microwave technology

Our track record includes:

  • Joint industry research projects (JIP) to evaluate multiphase and wet-gas flow measurement technology.
  • Performing Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) for operators to assess how meters perform within required specification.
  • Independent research on the effect of wet-gas and multiphase flow conditions on meters
  • Uncertainty calculation of meters
  • Consultancy on meter and equipment design and optimisation

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