Research & Development

Multiphase Flow Research & Development

NEL has been at the forefront in all stages of multiphase meter development.  The multiphase flow R&D carried out by NEL over the last two decades has played a significant role in the development of multiphase metering technology.

Through extensive Joint Industry Projects and third party testing programmes, NEL has tested virtually all multiphase meters currently on the market or deployed in the field. Continued development, testing and evaluation of multiphase meters is essential to improve their performance and reduce costs.

Wet Gas Flow Measurement Research & Development

Traditionally industry has disregarded the water fraction when measuring wet gas for allocation and fiscal taxation purposes in the belief that it was negligible to the overall measurement. However, early indicators at NEL have revealed that in some cases even using common correlations to correct for the liquid fraction can lead to errors of over 11 per cent when water is present. For a typical gas field this could equate to £0.5M/year in mis-measurement.

NEL’s wet gas flow measurement facility, now upgraded to reproduce 3-phase conditions, is playing a key role in advancing global knowledge on complex wet gas measurement. Find out more.

Current Research and Development:  Addressing the need for accurate measurement of heavy oil

With over 70 per cent of the world's remaining oil reserves being classed as 'heavy oil' it is essential that adequate multiphase flow meters and protocols are in place to support industry.

NEL has launched a Joint Industry Project to address the need for oil & Gas operators to be able to accurately measure multiphase heavy oil conditions.

The financial exposure associated with inaccurate measurement can be extreme - even as little as a two per cent measurement bias for a large field could equate to $ 2.2 million dollar exposure over a one-year period.

Please contact us for more information on this Heavy Oil Joint Industry Project.

Want to learn more about Multiphase Flow?

  Viscous multiphase flow tests at NEL's multiphase flow facility

Other NEL Research and Development themes include:

  • EURAMET JRP – Multiphase Flow Metrology in Oil & Gas Production
  • The performance of multiphase meters in high viscosity multiphase flows
  • Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to predict differences in the development of three-phase flow patterns in high viscosity multiphase flows
  • Single phase meter performance in multiphase flows
  • Sampling of Complex Flows
  • Water in oil sampling practices; the correct prediction of mixing / dispersion conditions at potential sampling locations
  • Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation to predict mixing / dispersion conditions at potential sampling locations

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