NEL Training Course Programme 2018

The following training courses can also be held in other countries and within your own organisation.  If you would like to discuss your training requirements, please contact us.
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Fundamentals of Flow Measurement Training Course
This course will cover the key aspects of flow measurement and will consider all general meter types and their application.  Also included is an introduction to the UK National Standards for flow measurement, and open discussion sessions where participants can raise work-place situations for dialogue and advice.



15th Aug
East Kilbride


Custody Transfer Measurement Systems Training Course
A transaction involving physical transfer of oil and gas from one operator to another is known as Custody Transfer and accurate metering of the fluids being transferred between the two is of vital importance.  This course will enable metering engineers to gain a knowledge of how fluids are metered in the oil and gas sector.



5th Sept


Practical Applications of Uncertainty Training Course
This course will enable delegates to apply the techniques - developed in NEL’s Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty course - to examples tailored to the Oil and Gas sector.  Case studies are used to illustrate the application of such calculations in minimising the impact of measurement uncertainty.



19th Sept


Flow Calculations Training Course
Accurate measurement of produced hydrocarbons has always been a very high priority for oil and gas operating companies.  Stringent requirements are set for the various calculations that define the quantity and quality of the fluids being measured.  This course explains the equations and standards which define these parameters.



10th Oct
East Kilbride


Multiphase & Wet-Gas Flow Measurement Training Course
The demand to measure multiphase and wet-gas flows is increasing in the oil and gas industry worldwide.  This interactive course will provide an understanding of the complexities of multiphase and wet-gas flows, effective metering techniques, selection and testing of meters and flow assurance strategies.



11th May
East Kilbride


Principles and Practice of Flow Measurement Training Course
This course will enable delegates to understand the issues surrounding flow measurement.  It also provides the delegate with an unbiased view of the various technologies available and the basic knowledge required to make informed choices.



8-10 May
East Kilbride




Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty Training Course
Measurement is fundamental to the control of quality, efficiency and safety.  Course delegates will learn about the impact of uncertainty in industry, to identify the important sources of uncertainty in measurement systems and receive practical guidance on the design of measurement techniques to minimise uncertainty.



27th June
East Kilbride


Importance of Calibration Training Course
Accurate measurement of produced hydrocarbons has always been a very high priority for oil and gas operating companies.  Course topics include verification of the equipment and components which constitute the measurement system, the effect of errors caused by calibration and the various techniques used in the industry.


20th June   East Kilbride