Independent Audit Verification Testing

Independent Audit Verification Testing (IAVT) Service

Independent, reliable auditing of oil and gas metering systems is essential to ensure that best practice is followed, credibility is maintained, and the chances of mis-measurement or misallocation are minimised.

NEL’s new IAVT service will help your business to establish compliance with the design standards, specifications and adherence to the regulatory authority requirements.

NEL recognises the value of compliance at the various stages of development, design, installation, commissioning and operation of measurement systems. Identifying potential and present problems is crucial and in many cases results in large cost savings.

Our compliance/auditing services encompass the following:

  • Pre-Design (FEED/Concept)
  • Design
  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Post Commissioning
  • Operation
  • Management
  • Allocation

To find out more about this service please contact Gilbert Tonner.