Oil, Water and Gas

Flow Meter Calibration

Did you know that NEL carries out over 1,200 calibrations each year in our Oil, Water and Gas Flow Measurement Facilities, making us one of the world’s leading flow meter calibration service providers?

Here are just some of the meters we calibrate each year:

              200        Turbine meters

              400        Coriolis meters

              180        Venturi meters

              150        Ultrasonic meters

The current upgrade to our Densitometer Calibration Facility, will extend the operating pressure range to 151 bar(a) and increase throughput by over 50%, whilst maintaining temperature stability at better than +/-0.005°C. This will ensure that the uncertainty in reference fluid density does not exceed 0.02% over the extended operating range, and allow us to offer this vital service to a wider range of operators.

Density measurement is the link between mass and volume flowrate measurement in the oil industry and, as such, is fundamental to the commercial operation of facilities. OGA (Oil and Gas Authority) guidelines state all calibrations should be done simultaneously at their operating temperatures and pressures using fluids that cover actual density ranges. Temperature and pressure control, densitometer cleaning and fluid handling procedures ensure that the uncertainties of the reference fluid densities are less than 0.02% at all calibration conditions.

NEL is a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory No. 0009, so all our customers can expect the highest levels of accuracy.

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Flow Metering Consultancy

Coupled with NEL’s flow meter testing and calibration services, we also offer a host of flow metering consultancy services to help customers develop and maintain measurement systems. We use our expert knowledge in flow measurement to offer flow metering consultancy services in technically challenging areas including :

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