Audit & Allocation

Flow Metering Audit

Independent, reliable auditing of oil and gas metering systems is essential to ensure that best practice is followed, credibility is maintained and the chances of mis-measurement or misallocation are minimised.

A flow metering audit from NEL will help you maintain best practice by ensuring that acceptable equipment, processes, procedures, management and personnel competency levels are in place.  Request an audit

For oil & gas operators, flow meters are their cash registers - they tell them how much money they are making from the hydrocarbons produced.  It is essential that these meters are as accurate as possible as a mis-measurement of the order of 0.1 per cent can cost an operator many millions of dollars over a relatively short period of time. 

Our highly trained staff have a wide range of experience in production, export, emissions and hydrocarbon allocation metering systems.  We offer both internal flow metering audits on our clients metering systems and third party audits on behalf of our clients.

Download our case study to find out how a major operating company benefitted from an uncertainty analysis on a hydrocarbon allocation system.

Hydrocarbon Allocation NEL - Flow Metering - Hydrocarbon Allocation

Hydrocarbon allocation refers to the mathematical process of breaking down measures of quantities of extracted hydrocarbons across various entities.  It is essential that measurement systems and procedures are in place to perform a fair and equitable allocation.  We have a wide range of experience in hydrocarbon allocation systems and can carry out:

  • Auditing of hydrocarbon allocation systems
  • Uncertainty analysis on allocation systems
  • Troubleshooting in allocation systems
  • Feasibility studies and development of new allocation procedures
  • Development of data validation models

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