High Pressure Calibration

Testing at elevated pressures and temperatures

With the move towards subsea processing rather than platforms, more flow meters are expected to be calibrated for use at high pressure and temperature, and to remain ‘in calibration’ for longer.

In its Guidance Notes for Petroleum Measurement under the Petroleum (Production) Regulations 2014, OGA has stipulated that temperature and pressure compensation applied to any flow meter between its calibration conditions and its operating conditions must be “agreed in advance with OGA” and must be “traceable and auditable”.

To meet the need for traceable high pressure liquid calibrations, NEL - supported by the National Measurement System - is pleased to announce the creation of the UK’s only flow meter calibration facility capable of testing at significantly elevated pressures and temperatures.  The pressure capability of NEL’s high pressure/high operating temperature liquid flow loop will increase from 4 bar to 100 bar maximum capability, with its ability to deal with higher temperatures increasing from 20ºC to 80ºC maximum capability.  Click on the image below to view a fly-through of the facility.  The facility has now received international accreditation.

This new test loop will reduce oil & gas operators’ financial exposure by performing meter calibrations closer to actual service conditions. By more accurately reflecting the increasing temperatures and pressures at which flow meters must operate, the uncertainty of meters deployed in the field will be minimised.

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