Valve Testing

Having confidence in the performance of your equipment is vital to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Without accurate, traceable and reliable performance data, how will you know if your equipment meets its specified requirements?  Flow testing of valves and components at NEL will give you that assurance.

Test your flow equipment at NEL

  • a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0432
  • Decades of experience
  • Independent testing and reporting
  • Reliable
  • Flexible test facility

NEL’s experience of Valve and Component Flow Testing is unparalleled: we have a long history of supplying manufacturers and end users with independent and accurate test data.

Flow measurement standard

NEL holds the flow measurement standard for the United Kingdom, which makes our water facility perfectly placed to test valves or other flow equipment over a wide range of operating conditions. Whether you require Flow Coefficient (Cv), Pressure drop or Liquid pressure recovery factor (Fl) testing, NEL provides you with independent and accurate performance data.

Flow Test Standards

We work in partnership with major valve manufacturers, ensuring their equipment is being tested to the latest standards. NEL tests in accordance with the following standards:

  • IEC-60534-2-3
  • ANSI/ISA 75.02-1996
  • BS EN 60534-2-3:1998
  • BS EN 1267:2012

Flow Testing of Specialist Equipment

We perform flow testing on specialist components or equipment, for example piping manifolds, piping configurations, filters, flow conditioners and many more to determine their pressure drop characteristics. Our flexibility ensures we can accommodate equipment that requires bespoke testing conditions.

Find out how NEL supported a control valve manufacturer by conducting a performance test on a valve within our water flow measurement facility.

Valve Failure Investigation and Consultancy

NEL also performs failure investigations, and provides consultancy on valves and other flow equipment. Our experienced consultants can help you analyse why your equipment has failed, and how to prevent reoccurrence in the future.

Read how NEL tested and inspected a solenoid valve on behalf of a North Sea operator after a critical valve failure on a platform.

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