Bespoke Development

Since data is one of your company’s most valuable assets, its effective management plays a vital role in optimising efficiency and potentially saving substantial revenue. Software modelling and simulation of measurement systems, provides a cost-effective method of assisting in both data management and identifying and rectifying industry challenges. This process is even more effective if the solution is tailored specifically for your application, accounting for conditions that may be unique to your measurement system.

NEL offers the following bespoke software services:

Bespoke software

  • Data Reconciliation

A technique that can be applied to industrial plant that has measurements in a network of pipes and conduits. To identify the presence of significant imbalances, many companies perform simple mass balances based on flow measurements. Data reconciliation takes this process a stage further by identifying which instruments are most likely to be responsible for any discrepancies. In this way, data reconciliation can act as an early warning system for measurement problems. NEL’s Data Reconciliation service supplies software adapted specifically to your measurement system to identify problems.

We can build bespoke uncertainty budget sheets to suit your application. These can be developed and altered over time to reflect changes in system configuration.

  • Hydrocarbon Accounting

Allocation is the process by which produced hydrocarbons are apportioned to the owners of the assets of the production unit. NEL has considerable experience in this area having developed bespoke software applications and undertaken a range of consultancy projects for  a wide range of customers in the oil & gas sector.

Key Benefits

  • Instant - identification of measurement problems
  • Secure - Full and prompt software support
  • Confidence - Optimisation of solutions by our team of established experts
  • Saving - Solution of problems saving money

So for an INSTANT way to SECURE better data management with CONFIDENCE, SAVE yourself the trouble - Ask NEL today.

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