Modelling and simulation of flow systems requires you to make use of accurate, reliable physical property data.  PPDS is a software suite used in the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries to determine the physical properties of fluids. PPDS provides you with quality-assured physical properties of fluid data on more than 1,500 chemicals.

NEL - Software Solutions - Physical Properties of Fluids

Key Features:

  • Quality-assured physical property data based on validated measurements
  • A sophisticated thermodynamic calculation suite based on industry standards and established equations of state
  • Full traceability and uncertainty values returned for all data and calculations
  • The ability to add additional user databanks of pure components and binary systems
  • Fully supported by a team of established technical experts and engineers.

This gives you confidence that your data is up-to-date, accurate and reliable.

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The software has been accredited to BS EN ISO 9001. PPDS calculations can be applied through all stages of the process lifecycle. With PPDS you can perform:

  • Physical property of fluid calculations
  • Specification and sizing of equipment
  • Establishment of safety critical data
  • Heat transfer design and performance calculations
  • Prediction of phase changes during processes
  • Process control calculations

You can use specially adapted PPDS packages to:

  • handle fluids such as petroleum fractions, aqueous solutions and refrigerants
  • build your own databanks (Data-Expert)
  • carry out thermodynamic modelling of multi-component mixtures (P-Fit)

PPDS can also be:

  • linked with other software which requires physical properties of fluids such as process simulators and CFD packages
  • integrated into your company’s own data control systems
  • used to perform physical property calculations in spreadsheets using the PPDS MS Excel Add-in

PPDS has various license types to suit your needs. If you would like to know more about physical properties of fluids contact us.