Uncertainty Analysis

No measurement is ever exact; there is always a degree of doubt about its accuracy. This degree of doubt is quantified by the uncertainty.

Inaccurate measurement can be costly. For example, a 1% under-read on a field producing 20,000 barrels of oil per day will mean a loss of $600,000 per month. Therefore, estimating and reducing uncertainty is vital. At NEL we have a team of consultants who can build uncertainty budget sheets to suit your application. These can be developed and altered over time to reflect changes in system configuration. We can assist you to minimise uncertainty that will save you significant amounts of revenue. NEL has successfully delivered this type of work for companies across a range of industrial sectors.

Making the most of your data is a fundamental requirement of a modern business. NEL has a long and distinguished track record of providing uncertainty analysis, interpreting data and applying the findings to businesses.

NEL’s services include:

  • Independent calculation of uncertainty in flow measurement systems
  • Assessment of legislative compliance (for example for EU Emissions trading scheme, and produced water discharge)
  • Independent review of client calculation
  • Training, mentoring and guidance of client staff
  • Advice on the use, consequences and impact of uncertainty calculations and mitigation steps that can be taken
  • A range of other uncertainty based services, including Flow meter verification, data reconciliation, Monte Carlo simulation, hydrocarbon accounting and fluid balancing

With any flow measurement system you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the principal sources of uncertainty?
  • What are their relative magnitudes?
  • How do I reduce the overall uncertainty in the system?
  • How much will this cost?
  • How much will doing nothing cost?
  • What does the legislation allow?

Contact one of NEL’s uncertainty specialists today to get the answers you need.