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Best Practice Guides

Technical research work carried out at NEL covers two broad technical areas: flow measurement and low carbon technologies.

If the technical research work was funded by a public body, a technical report is produced.  In some cases the topic will have a wide impact which will be improved by the use of guidance documents and best practice guides.  These guidance and best practice guides are summarised versions of the technical report, with more emphasis on practical use.

As the name suggests, best practice guides describe the optimum working methods for the topic.  This can be to reduce uncertainty, improve safety, meet legislative guidance or other factors.

As well as flow measurement and low carbon technology, the UK National Measurement System (NMS) provides research funding for a number of other metrology areas.  These are described fully in the NMS area of this site where additional best practice guides are available to download.

You can browse NEL’s best practice guides below.  Details of how to obtain copies are shown on each page, with the associated copyright information.

If there is an area which is not represented here, why not try our Advanced Search where you can search by key word, date and title.

NEL also provide training on all of the topics covered in these documents.  Please contact  for information.